5 Homeowners Association WordPress Plugins

If you are managing your HOAs website and using WordPress to do so you most likely already know there are alot of options out there to make your site shine.  Wordpress is a great tool to use on a Homeowners Association website because of all the different plugins you can use on it.  Below we are going to highlight some free plugins that can help you grow your HOA and improve the overall functionality of your website.

Board of Directors Plugin

Want to create a section on your website that will showcase your Board of Directors?  You can do that by using the free Team Members plugin.  This plugin will allow you to add individual members to your board of directors and include first and last name, social links and a bio for your member.

For a premium option to manage your team members consider the Team Showcase plugin.

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Frequently Asked Questions Plugin

You run a Homeowners Association website so naturally there are going to be alot of frequently asked questions.  You make this section of your website easy to handle with the free Acronix FAQ plugin.  This FAQ plugin is easy to use and allows you to create a list of questions and answers and neatly display them on the page you choose by simply inserting the shortcode.

For a premium FAQ plugin with many more options consider Sugar FAQs.


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Homeowners Association Community Gallery Plugin

Want to showcase your community in a beautiful gallery on your HOA website? This is a great way to keep your community members active on your website and show off what kind of neighborhood you live in.  The Photo Gallery by WD plugin is a free plugin that will allow you to create and manage eye catching photo galleries on your website.  Simply install, activate and start adding photos.

Check out our favorite premium image gallery plugin called Justified Image Grid.

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HOA Calendar Plugin

Do you have an active community that you manage your HOA website for?  Are you looking for a way to share events with the community members on your website? If so, this THE plugin for you.  The Events Calendar plugin by Modern Tribe is one of the most feature rich calendar plugins you can find.  It is packed full of features but also very intuitive to use which is why it is so popular.

For a premium version of The Events Calendar you can upgrade to The Events Calendar Pro.


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Surveys Plugin

Surveys are a great way to get feedback from your community members.  You can easily add a survey to your HOA website by using the Quiz and Survey Master plugin.  Ask questions, post polls, and gain insight on your community members.  This free plugin is easy to use and you will have surveys on your homeowners association website in no time.

Want a premium survey plugin? Check out Modal Survey

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With so many great plugins available for WordPress it is easy to make your Homeowners Association website shine.  

5 Critical Elements of HOA Websites

When building a website for your association there are some important things to consider before getting started.  If you start doing some searching you will notice how many terrible HOA websites there are out there.  Not just bad design – but poor functionality on top of it.  When building an HOA website you want to be sure that it is going to serve your community in an effective way.  We have put together a list of elements you will want to be sure to include in your HOA website.

Responsive Design

You will want your HOA website to be built on a responsive platform – meaning the site will view well on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone.  Your community members will be visiting your HOA website on all sorts of different devices and you want them to have a good experience no matter what they are using.  Before choosing an HOA website make sure you ask if the end product will be responsive.  This is an absolute must nowadays.

Document Management

Homeowners Associations tend to have lots of different documents that need to be shared with their community.  Whether it be board meeting minutes, rules and regulations or financial statements, you need an easy way to share these with your members.  Before you commit to an HOA website solution be sure to find out how they handle document management.  You want it to be easy for you to manage and just as easy for your community to access.

News & Community Updates

How does your community get its news and information? A website is a great place to share the happenings of your HOA.  Your website should utilize a blog or news section to post the latest events, updates, and information.  This should be easy to access for your members and easy for you to manage.  In order to keep your community website fresh and up to date consider posting updates at least once a month or more.  Pro Tip: Don’t overthink your updates.

Photo Gallery

It seems trivial and not essential but having a photo gallery for your community website can increase member involvement and viewership significantly.  Keeping an up to date photo gallery encourages members to visit your website and can show potential home buyers what it is like to live within your community.  Having a summer BBQ? Bring a camera and share the photos on your photo gallery.

Community Calendar

Does your HOA website have a community calendar? How does your association know what events are happening that may pertain to them?  Keeping a calendar with updated events is essential to running a successful HOA.  Not only should you be letting members know of upcoming HOA meetings but you should let people know of other events within the community.  Something as simple as a well-managed calendar can help your members see more value in their HOA.

There are many elements that go into running a successful HOA website and these are just a few to consider.  If you are looking for assistance with managing your HOA website please contact us for details on how we can help.