Welcome!  My name is Chris Moore and I started HOA Web in response to an increase in clients requesting Homeowners Association styled websites.  I run a web development company called Moore Web Exposure and started HOA Web as a specialty service designed specifically for Homeowners Associations.

After building several HOA websites I realized that the needs of HOAs are much different than the traditional small business website I was used to.  To start with, most HOAs cannot afford nor are interested in a large scale, custom designed website.  Their needs are much simpler and budgets tend to be smaller.  I came up with a way to take a website framework and custom tailor it to each HOA.  This resulted in an easier to manage website that can accommodate a smaller budget.

After launching several HOA websites I noticed that clients kept coming back to me asking for updates to the content and help with managing their domain name and hosting.  This lead me down a path of a completely new business model for HOA websites.  I soon realized I could create a great website, manage the domain name and hosting and perform updates all for a reasonable monthly fee.  This simple change made the cost of building and maintaining a website much more reasonable for my clients.  And so, HOA Web was born.