We believe in keeping things simple.  Our prior experience in working with HOAs and COAs has taught us that simplicity is the only way to go.  Organizations like HOAs tend to have multiple decision-makers and lengthy approval processes.  Our goal is to make that quicker and easier.

In most instances, a custom-built website will cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 or more.  On top of that, you have to deal with domain registrations, website hosting, content gathering, and design feedback.  The sticker shock alone is enough to convince organizations that they can do without or go at it on their own.

Over time we have developed an online model that removes all the hassle and huge upfront costs of having an HOA website.  A single monthly fee gets you an HOA website, domain name management, website hosting, continuous updates, and technical support.  Our list of add-ons allows you to pick and choose what features are right for you and our designs are custom-tailored to fit your organization’s branding and logo.  We can even work with you to find a logo and branding should you not have any.

Below is a rough timeline example of a start-to-finish HOA website.

We believe in keeping things simple.

A Simple Price. A Simple Process. A Simple System. A Simply Functional Website.

Initial introduction

We make contact and discuss the specific needs of your HOA and any history you may have with websites in the past.  We will discuss the current methods you use to keep your community informed and how we can improve upon that with a website.  We will gather as much information from you as we can to make sure that our services will be the proper fit for your needs.

Retainer / Agreement

After our conversation we will send you a digital design agreement that can be signed online.  We typically require a retainer of the cost of the first three months.  For example, if the package you choose costs $100/month we would require a $300 retainer to get started.  Upon receipt of the agreement and retainer we will get started building your website.

Content Gathering

While we are developing your website we would ask you to begin content gathering.  This would include things like community documents, photos, past meeting minutes, budget information, governing documents, newsletters, rules and regulations, important contacts, etc.  All this can be sent to use in digital format.  If you are new to an HOA website we can provide links of other websites to help you generate ideas of what sort of content you may want to include.

Website Review

After we get the content from you we will work our magic and finalize your site.  Once everything is ready you will get a link for you to review the site and make sure everything looks good.  Upon approval your site will go live.


After your site is completed and launched there will be continuous updates required.  We try to make this as simple as possible: As you have an update you email it to us and we take care of it for you.  Alternatively, if you want to make changes yourself we can provide you with a website login.

Improvements & Upkeep

As time goes by the software that powers your website will need to be updated and maintained.  Code can change, sections can break and technology advances. This is where we come in.  We will handle all the updates and troubleshooting at no additional cost to you.