Managing an HOA Document Library

A document library is a digital space where your organization’s important documents can be stored for easy access by your community members. Content is usually organized by categories to make it easier to find information and often there may be a search feature if it is a larger library.

If you are running an HOA it is important to have a document library so your community members can have quick and easy access to pertinent information.  In some states like Florida, it is even required by law to make association documents easily accessible to members. 

Putting documents on a web page and linking to them may work fine for a small HOA with only a few files but once that collection grows it becomes more difficult to manage.  This is where a document library specifically designed to handle a large number of files can come in handy. 

Your document library should come with some standard functionality.  Here is a shortlist of what you should be looking for in your document library:

  • Documents should be easily filed in different categories
  • Documents should allow for tagging of the files
  • Post by date to make it easier to find
  • Allow for a search function to find files easier
  • Show file sizes and types
  • Easy downloading of files
  • Different ways of embedding and displaying documents

At HOA Web we use document management software designed to make managing your files much easier.  To see this in action visit the documents section at Trillium Valley HOA.